Chapel Hill Attorneys Lead Team to Develop PSS Rules for Chatham & Orange Counties

Post-separation support rules and forms simplify the process

Chapel Hill, NC – Local attorney Melissa Averett of Averett Family Law recently oversaw drafting of formalized post-separation support (PSS) rules for Chatham and Orange Counties. The new rules were created by a committee of family law attorneys before being approved as a local rule signed in August 2015 by Chief District Court Judge Joseph Buckner. Unlike child support, which is generally determined by set guidelines under North Carolina law, there is no formula for determining temporary spousal support.

“I’ve been a family law attorney for over 17 years,” says Averett, a Certified NC Family Law Specialist. “Until now, there has been no way to predict how much post-separation support would be awarded. This resulted in confusion and uncertainty for the judges, attorneys and clients. A team of local family law attorneys worked for more than 10 months to research the historical data and come up with an equitable model to calculate a recommended post-separation support amount. The resulting recommended amount is not mandatory, it just gives the court information regarding an average PSS amount in our district. We’re very happy with the results. ”

The committee also developed several forms to support the new rules and to standardize the process within Chatham and Orange Counties. Click here for the 15B PSS forms and Post-Separation Support Handbook: Local Rules for Judicial District 15B.

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