When I was referred to Melissa and her staff, I was trying to get a grip on a very unstable situation with separation and custody. I was feeling stuck, helpless and scared until I landed in Melissa’s office. From our first meeting, Melissa “got it” and knew how to handle things knowledgeably, efficiently, safely and professionally. She helped me understand the legal system, helped me get some direction and understand my rights. She slowly but surely helped me regain a sense of confidence and control in my life and in my situation. I have told her this many times but she has honestly changed the direction and course of my life with her extensive knowledge and endless support. I felt I was a helpless person in a helpless situation and she gave me a voice.
I felt she has always worked out of the best interest of my children and myself. She responds to crisis situations very quickly, calmly and professionally. She is tough, responsive and she really knows her stuff and I am so glad I landed in her office three years ago. Thank you.