I would like to share my experience with the Family Law office of M. Averett. I felt it very important to share my experience with this law office because I remember how I felt when embarking on this change in life event and second enlighten those going through this in their life that it does take time requiring patience. I initially looked on line as well as went to 4 family law offices before selecting an attorney to represent me. I found that Counselor Averett was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and wise at a time and event in my life that was and is traumatic. Counselor Averett in no way conveyed any gender related treatment of me or ever delayed any progress on my case or situation. On the contrary, Counselor Averett was totally responsive to all my questions, she had my upper most interest in mind (even though I was a bit unique in my caring how people were treated in this process), and she treated me as though I was her ONLY CLIENT, very rare in this area of law. This is a totally honest and unemotional review of my experience with the Averett Family Law office, Chapel Hill, NC. I would highly recommend this Law office without any hesitation to my friends or anyone seeking assistance in family law as Counselor Averett truly cares!!!

A Happy Client