“Searching the internet, I found a family law attorney in Chatham County. Based on the information I provided, she recommended Attorney Averett. To that point, it was the best advice an attorney ever gave me. A recommendation to speak with Melissa made a world of difference for my children and I hope it can for yours too. Everyone suspects that his or her problems are worse and different from everyone else’s. Having worked my way thru family courts in three different states, I can attest that everyone is right about that. Melissa understands that each family brings their own unique challenge to the table and that each person deserves fair and respectful treatment. As I am not a resident of North Carolina, all of our first communication was over the phone. Melissa took the time to hear and understand my perspective. Based on our initial conversations, we agreed to take each other on as partners.

It was (and is) very important to me that Melissa took the time to understand my children, my own ‘worse and different’ circumstance, and me. Melissa put me in touch with the right professionals in the Hillsborough and Chapel Hill area to develop a support team. That support team was critical to the case ending in my children’s best interest. Melissa and Alva have been with me every step of the way. The legal and professional advice they have given me has been tremendous. The general ‘counsel’ they provided helped keep me calm and confidant – not making any poor ‘reactionary’ decisions. This allowed me to keep what was most important in front of me. Over time, those conversations were more important to my family than any of the excellent ‘nuts and bolts’ legal advice and guidance they provided.

Thank You, Melissa. I cannot recommend you strongly enough.”

Scott R.