I had a very complex divorce case that required someone like Austin Vandeveer to help me navigate.  He took the time to explain the terms and legal issues that I was not familiar with, thus allowing me to make important decisions for the future. He was a power presence in the courtroom and handled the case beautifully on my behalf.  He did not leave any room for doubt that he would always act in my best interest and fight for what was deserved.


Austin took over my case from another law firm, after I felt they were not doing enough to assist me in my case. Austin is extremely knowledgeable in family law and straight forward. He was very firm and aggressive with the opposition and ensured that my best interest was represented. As soon as he took over my case, he accomplished in a few weeks what my previous attorney was not successful in accomplishing in about six months. During the mediation process he made it very difficult for the opposition where the case was eventually dropped, as I was the defendant. I HIGHLY recommend Averett Family Law and Austin in any divorce or post divorce (with was my situation), or any family law matter.

A Satisfied Client
My Best Interest Was Represented

One thing no one will prepare you for when going through a divorce is the emotional toll you will experience, which will be magnified if children are involved. There will be many dark days when your mind is cluttered, and the possibility of making emotionally-charged bad decisions will lead to missteps. That is why you want an attorney who will guide you through those days with clarity, help you separate the negative feelings from the valid ones, and be there to advise and protect you. I would not have been able to go through this challenging journey without the support of Austin and Melissa and the tremendous help of Mandy, Marissa, and Perla. You will find empathy, and trust me when I say you need it as much as you need Austin and Melissa’s determination to fight for you and get what is rightfully yours. I wholeheartedly recommend Averett Family Law.

Determination to fight for you

I had a great experience with Averett Family Law. I mainly worked with alex throughout my divorce and he was professional, smart, and kind. It was a pleasure to work with Alex and others in the office – it’s just a super team. I also appreciated that they tried to be cost-effective as possible at every turn. Divorce sucks and working with Alex and the team made it a little easier.


Great Experience

Austin is Fantastic!

S. Tam