On August 10, 2015, Chief District Court Judge Joseph Buckner signed an order creating a set of local rules regarding post-separation support (PSS) for Chatham and Orange Counties.

The rules were the result of a 10-month process during which the drafting committee gathered and analyzed data and input from attorneys and judges throughout the judicial district.

The approved rules set out a formula for calculating a suggested PSS amount, and outline the procedure for post-separation support cases in the district. Three new local forms were also developed, including a PSS Affidavit, a worksheet, and a PSS order.

For a more in-depth discussion of the local rules, you can download our PSS Local Rule Handbook.

post-separation support local rules


  1. Affidavit to be completed by the parties and submitted to the Court
  2. Worksheet to be used by the Court in calculating the suggested PSS amount
  3. Order available for the Court’s use once PSS is determined