D. Melissa Averett


Passionate. Caring. Fierce. Knowledgeable. Meet Melissa Averett. She has been practicing as a family law attorney in Orange and Chatham Counties since 1998. From separation, to divorce, to child custody and more, she fights to protect her clients’ rights.

“Guiding clients through some of the most traumatic chapters in their life, a divorce, custody battle or probate after the death of a loved one, is a position of intimacy and trust. It’s an honor to be chosen for that role.”

Melissa has been selected for the past several years running to the North Carolina Super Lawyers list in recognition of her work in family law. She speaks regularly to legal groups on family law issues, both in North Carolina and internationally.

Melissa is one of a handful of Family Law Specialists primarily practicing in Chatham County.

Curriculum Vitae

Melissa Averett, Certified Family Law Attorney in NC


Melissa shares her knowledge in North Carolina and internationally, speaking at family law conferences, and teaching workshops and continuing legal education seminars. She is a member of the National Crime Victim Bar Association and is qualified to testify as an expert witness on the subject of domestic violence.

Melissa also works with the North Carolina Bar to promote new and updated legislation related to family law.

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Melissa has earned a reputation as one of the go-to attorneys on complex family law topics. She has been invited to speak at a number of international conferences and attended others to stay current on the latest in family law.

When she’s not working or traveling, Melissa can be found crocheting, weaving on her floor loom, and trying to keep her cats from covering all her yarn and crafts in fur, usually unsuccessfully.

AVVO Profile


Outstanding law firm. Melissa puts her clients first. She is also a no non-sense attorney who sets reasonable expectations. The fees are the most reasonable of any attorney I interviewed. I have used Averett Family Law multiple times and do not hesitate to highly recommend them!

Nee Ghi
No Nonsense Attorney

“Melissa has kept me informed of everything that was going on in my case right from the beginning. I can honestly say that she has truly advocated for me (not the case), and has done her best to minimize my costs. She is very knowledgeable of divorce and family law in NC.”


Dedicated attorneys and staff that are prepared to FIGHT for their clients.

Ron Cooley, Cooley Law Offices
They Fight for Their Clients

Melissa and her team are Excellent. Highly recommend her services. Very professional, fights for the truth, she and her team are awesome. I am very thankful for her personal advice, encouraging words, and much needed help during divorce. Very thorough! Thank you!!

Karl J.
Fights for the Truth

As someone who has had to navigate the world of family lawyers in an incredibly difficult divorce, I have learned that there very big differences in approaches. Some simply don’t have the expertise or temperament to get truly tough when necessary. If you are in a situation where you need someone who will help you stand your ground, especially when it comes to dealing with an abusive ex, you would be very wise to have her represent you.

Mike Davis
A Wise Choice

When I was referred to Melissa and her staff, I was trying to get a grip on a very unstable situation with separation and custody. I was feeling stuck, helpless and scared until I landed in Melissa’s office. From our first meeting, Melissa “got it” and knew how to handle things knowledgeably, efficiently, safely and professionally. She helped me understand the legal system, helped me get some direction and understand my rights. She slowly but surely helped me regain a sense of confidence and control in my life and in my situation. I have told her this many times but she has honestly changed the direction and course of my life with her extensive knowledge and endless support. I felt I was a helpless person in a helpless situation and she gave me a voice.
I felt she has always worked out of the best interest of my children and myself. She responds to crisis situations very quickly, calmly and professionally. She is tough, responsive and she really knows her stuff and I am so glad I landed in her office three years ago. Thank you.

A safe and knowledgeable place to land

Melissa and her folks were very relaxing to work with – lessening the negativity of my hectic divorce proceedings.

Anthony “Tony” Williams
Less Hectic Divorce

“I cannot put into mere words my pleasure with having hired Melissa. Her expert knowledge, compassion, and fortitude have yielded the best possible legal results for my family. She demonstrates an unparalleled spirit advocating for domestic violence victims. She was creative, tireless, and exceptional in addressing my concerns over two successive years. I wholeheartedly recommend Melissa for anyone in need of a family law advocate.”

Mary D.
Mary D.

“I really enjoy working with Melissa. She is an excellent attorney, very dedicated and hard-working, and she really cares for her clients. I hope to work with her a great deal in the future. “

Tony Parrott at Spartan Investigative Services, LLC
Tony Parrott at Spartan Investigative Services, LLC

 I had Divorce issues. Melissa and her crew made short work of it at a good price; also made settlement my favor.

Larry G.

Melissa and Her Crew

I recently had the unpleasant experience of going through a divorce in NC.  Melissa and Alva have been professional, efficient and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.  They respond timely and accurately.  On more than one occasion, they went above and beyond to facilitate the process.  Melissa sought out ways to save me time and money and was always cost-conscious when billing me for her services.  I always received accurate information/analysis and was never waiting on them.  I knew I was in good hands and can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the services I received from this firm.


Efficient and Knowledgeable

“Ms Averett did a fantastic job answering multiple questions I had regarding post separation support, child support, and separation agreements. She even went so far as to recommend a military law specific attorney for me.”

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson

“I have worked with Melissa as opposing counsel on cases and know her generally as a member of our local family law bar. Melissa is an excellent attorney, and any client would be well-served by her representation. She is highly knowledgeable in all areas of family law, and she is a zealous and effective advocate for her clients.”

Brian Johnston, Family Attorney
Brian Johnston, Family Attorney

“Wow I am really excited to get the opportunity to write a recommendation for Melissa. She has helped me with some really difficult situations, and she made it very simple and easy.

She has the experience and knowledge, as well as the creativity, to be very effective with difficult people. Also, I did not feel that Melissa was ever trying to run up the bill – even though I know she easily could have. I am really grateful for her assistance.”

Amy O.
Amy O.

“I am impressed with Ms. Averett’s thoughtful advice and answers to legal questions on Avvo. She has an in-depth understanding of the law and an ability to communicate legal concepts clearly and effectively. I endorse this lawyer!”

Andrew Dickens, Foreclosure Attorney
Andrew Dickens, Foreclosure Attorney

“Melissa is an approachable and outstanding attorney who is committed to her clients day in and day out. She is knowledgeable and a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom. Whenever I have a client in her service area, I send them directly to her.”

Katherine Hudson, Litigation Attorney
Katherine Hudson, Litigation Attorney

Melissa Averett came through when I really needed her. She made time for me even though she had a busy schedule. Melissa is incredibly intelligent and doesn’t miss anything. I would recommend her a hundred times over!

Jenna Frye
Melissa Doesn’t Miss Anything

“I endorse this lawyer. Melissa is one of the best trial attorney’s I have ever had the pleasure of being in a courtroom with. She zealously represents all her clients with expert skills and knowledge.”

Robert Craig, Family Attorney
Robert Craig, Family Attorney

Melissa Averett has turned my horrific child custody, suppport and visitation case around for me. This case originated in New York and was subsequently changed over to North Carolina. I retained Attorney Averett’s services because she is well versed in New York Family Law as well as North Carolina’s. The office staff was professional and caring during my most detrimental family and financial situation. For efficient, professional, affordable and just as equally important, caring legal services – I highly recommend The Averett Law firm.


Professional and Caring

” Attorney Averett is beyond amazing! From the first meeting with her I felt relieved. She listened to me even when I was extremely anxious about what I felt was a difficult situation. She really helped calm my mind. She went through all my documentation and addressed every issue perfectly. I can not recommend her highly enough! If you want a tough attorney that will fight for you, she’s the one! “

Hands down the absolute BEST!!!!!