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Passionate. Caring. Fierce. Knowledgeable.

International family lawyer

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Melissa Averett

Austin Vandeveer


Caring. Resourceful. Responsive.

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I first went to a big divorce firm for men and they charged up the yingyang for nothing. Melissa came in, had reasonable fees and knew not only how to work with me, but use her experience to our advantage.

We don’t think divorce is a game, but it may be a chess match and we were able to negotiate a fair settlement even though the other attorney had questionable practices.

Call them and give them a shot. Honest, upfront and experienced. I wish I went to her first before wasting $2k on the ‘big men’s divorce firm’ who just wanted to know how much I made before talking price!


Honest, upfront

The legal insurance plan through my employer suggested Averett Family when we had to do future legacy planning for my parents. After reading the three prior Yelp reviews before mine, we decided on this firm. We found attroney, Sara Harrington, very easy to work with and also parient when my mother still needed time to review paperwork. Kasey was also helpful and timely with responses. They treated us with respect. I highly recommend them for estate planning. The motto on their website, which is a good summary, is “caring | efficient | fierce:. Lvoe it!


They treated us with respect

Melissa is perhaps the most intellectually gifted lawyer I know. Among trial attorneys, Melissa has few equals and no superiors.


intellectually gifted

I am extremely pleased. Melissa has your back and best interest. You want her on your team! She is straightforward, very clear on what to expect, and no surprises. Melissa and the team made everything press and play. Would highly recommend Averett Family Law.

Melissa Averett has turned my horrific child custody, suppport and visitation case around for me. This case originated in New York and was subsequently changed over to North Carolina. I retained Attorney Averett’s services because she is well versed in New York Family Law as well as North Carolina’s. The office staff was professional and caring during my most detrimental family and financial situation. For efficient, professional, affordable and just as equally important, caring legal services – I highly recommend The Averett Law firm.


Professional and Caring

I recently had the unpleasant experience of going through a divorce in NC.  Melissa and Alva have been professional, efficient and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.  They respond timely and accurately.  On more than one occasion, they went above and beyond to facilitate the process.  Melissa sought out ways to save me time and money and was always cost-conscious when billing me for her services.  I always received accurate information/analysis and was never waiting on them.  I knew I was in good hands and can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the services I received from this firm.


Efficient and Knowledgeable

I would like to share my experience with the Family Law office of M. Averett. I felt it very important to share my experience with this law office because I remember how I felt when embarking on this change in life event and second enlighten those going through this in their life that it does take time requiring patience. I initially looked on line as well as went to 4 family law offices before selecting an attorney to represent me. I found that Counselor Averett was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and wise at a time and event in my life that was and is traumatic. Counselor Averett in no way conveyed any gender related treatment of me or ever delayed any progress on my case or situation. On the contrary, Counselor Averett was totally responsive to all my questions, she had my upper most interest in mind (even though I was a bit unique in my caring how people were treated in this process), and she treated me as though I was her ONLY CLIENT, very rare in this area of law. This is a totally honest and unemotional review of my experience with the Averett Family Law office, Chapel Hill, NC. I would highly recommend this Law office without any hesitation to my friends or anyone seeking assistance in family law as Counselor Averett truly cares!!!

A Happy Client
I would highly recommend

I had a great experience with Averett Family Law. I mainly worked with alex throughout my divorce and he was professional, smart, and kind. It was a pleasure to work with Alex and others in the office – it’s just a super team. I also appreciated that they tried to be cost-effective as possible at every turn. Divorce sucks and working with Alex and the team made it a little easier.


Great Experience

Austin is Fantastic!

S. Tam

I’m deeply thankful to have found this law group. Melissa Averett has been prompt, knowledgeable, compassionate and extraordinarily helpful. She is well recognized as a formidable attorney in the area.

A Happy Client
Deeply Thankful

 I had Divorce issues. Melissa and her crew made short work of it at a good price; also made settlement my favor.

Larry G.

Melissa and Her Crew

My experience was a wonderful combination of a few things. One, I was set at ease that their main goal was to do their best for me no matter what that meant. That they would put my wants and needs to the top of the pile. That they also had a bull dog side if need be to fight for me and my goals. I have nothing but good things to say about Averett Family Law. Family that has your back and is willing to go the extra mile. 100%

Going The Extra Mile